I’m building a shed!


It took me a full year of woodshop classes to produce a rickety birdhouse, so this time I’ve decided on a virtual shed – one I can build without ever having to pick up a plane or a drill. The Shed will be a place where I can saw theology, popular culture and feminism into pieces and then attempt to glue them back together again.

You are welcome at the workbench too: Maybe you’ve built a theological birdhouse or a wooden relief of a contemporary, feminist issue, and you are looking for somewhere to display it. The Shed is for you.


I’ve been given a lot of good advice about setting up a website, and I have ignored it all. First, I was advised not to launch the site before I was completely ready. While nodding in semi-agreement, I also knew that I wanted to start making stuff *now*, readiness be damned.  At this point, I’ve got most of the roof finished and some of the walls, and that’ll have to do. I’ll finish building The Shed itself as I go along.


Wow, I’m really milking that shed metaphor for all it’s worth.


Second, everybody agreed that the profile of a website has to be sharp – and especially that it’s important not to try to do more than one thing at once. In response to this excellent piece of advice, I’ve decided to do two quite different things with The Shed. As well as sharing my own, hopefully enjoyable posts, I also want to introduce the work of some of the awesome early career researchers who write about religion and/or gender. Head over to “The Serious Stuff” for links to open access articles, as well as introductions to the researchers who wrote them. Just like the blog, this part of the site will grow and fill up gradually, so checking in regularly will be worth it.

I especially want to prioritise the work of people of colour, LGBTQ people and women. These groups are underrepresented in most areas of academia and often have to work a lot harder to get recognition. I hope that The Shed can help, in a small way, by making more people in and outside of academia aware of their exciting work. If you’ve written an article or something else that you think might be a good fit for The Shed, contact me!


Normally, there’ll be a new blog post every Wednesday, but because this is The Shed’s first week, I’ll post stuff on Friday and Sunday too. Check back in later in the week to see how my building work is going.

I hope you’ll enjoy the site. Happy reading!

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